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I'm an Icelandic actor, born in Reykjavík in 1987. Graduated from the Film School of Iceland in 2016 and have been versed in the industry well before that.

Height: 176cm / 5”9

Hair Color: Dark Blond

Eyes Color: Blue

Age Range: 21 - 38


Location: Reykjavík, Iceland

About Me

Currently working in the Icelandic Film School as a reception manager and admission representative. I also do a lot of file work, organizing, customization, optimization and offer help to international students.

I have a good knowledge about motion capture since I studied at the Multimedia School of Iceland and later in Bournemouth University in England. 

Finished a course in Voice Acting with Studio Sýrland.

Special Skills

Sönn íslensk sakamál | 2024


True Detective 3 | HBO | 2023

Featured Extra

Ráðherrann | Saga Film | 2019​

Featured Extra

Valhalla Murders | True North | 2019

Featured Extra


Ringlunarrisminn / Confusionists | 2020​

Northern Waves Iceland - Selection Short

Gulrætur | 2019

RIFF Honorary Award Short


The Student Theater | Heimsendir | 2019

Management and Acting


Halloween Horror Show | Extra | 2018

Actor & Writer

The Student Theater | Medía | 2017

Graduated Multimedia Designer with emphasis on 3d work. A well all-round knowledge on production from pre-production through post-production. This includes knowledge on Motion Capture.

Trained dancer for some years, a three times Icelandic champion (Ballroom Dancing)

Good skill as a writer. Excellent Icelandic and English writing skills.

Training & Workshops

Film School of Iceland | Acting

Leiktækniskólinn | Acting Class |

Tutors: Þorsteinn Bachmann and Magnús Jónsson

Improvisation and writing at the Student Theatre

3d Modelling and Animation - BS degree from Bournemouth University in England

Multimedia and 3d at the Multimedia School of Iceland

Extra (Partial List)

Mjólkursamsala Íslands | Rjómi | 2022


Íslandsbanki | Hlauptu Campaign | 2018


Hallmark Project | HF Productions

Fangar | TV Series

Borgarstjórinn | TV Series

Venjulegt Fólk | TV Series

Lof mér að falla | Film

Music Video with Jón Jónsson

Pressan | TV Series

Other work

Acting as an autistic individual to train the police in interviewing such individuals | A Course in the Police Academy

Two years in the Film Committee in High School

Two years in the Student Theater (oldest theatre in Iceland). Was an actor and writer in 2017 for a devised show and an actor and in management in 2019 and 2020

A plethora of student films, one of which won a special mention prize at RIFF (Reykjavík International Film Festival)

Done Stand Ups

Played a depressed individual to train students in Psychology in the University to interview such individuals. Done this periodically for some years.

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