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The Three Druids

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Once upon a time, there lived three druids in a cabin deep in the forest. The Tree Druid, the Tea Druid and the Leaf Druid. 

One morning, the Tea Druid said to the Leaf Druid: 

“This morning is a disaster, dear brothers. I, the Tea Druid who is used to making tea every morning, cannot proceed today because I have not gotten any leaves from the Leaf Druid to make my tea.”

The Leaf Druid turned to the Tea Druid and responded: 

“That is unfortunate news to be sure. But the responsibility does not rest on my shoulders, since just as you have not received any leaves from me, so have I not been granted any leaves from the Tree Druid. Therefore, I cannot proceed to give you any leaves for your delicious tea.”

The Tree Druid, listening to his brothers, turned to the Leaf Druid and said: 

“It is a predicament you, my brothers describe. But alas, I cannot help you Tea Druid, to make your tea, nor can I give the Leaf Druid any leaves because I too lack leaves. We have no choice but to venture out into the woods and search far and wide for leaves.”

And so they packed their lunch and went deep into the woods. 

After walking for an hour, they came across the Blind Birch. A voice bellowed through the branches:  

“Answer me, who is there, for I the Blind Birch cannot see.”

“It is only I, the Tree Druid, accompanied by my two brothers, the Tea Druid and the Leaf Druid. We have travelled through the woods to gather leaves, for the Tea Druid cannot make tea in the morning without leaves, the Leaf Druid cannot give the Tea Druid leaves and I cannot give leaves to the Leaf Druid for we all lack leaves.”

The Blind Birch looked at the three druids and then answered: 

“I would help you if I could, but the winter king has taken all my leaves away, as you can see. You have to venture deeper into the woods and continue your search.”

The Druids did as the Blind Birch said. They walked for a long, long time, until they came across an old oak. 

“I, the Ogling Oak, can see you. State your business.”

“Excuse the trespassing oh great oak,” said the Tree Druid.

“We have come a long way in search of leaves so that our brother the Tea Druid can make his delicious tea in the morning.”

“I cannot help you brothers, for I too am without leaves by command of the great winter king.”

The Druids continued through the woods. 

They walked and walked and they walked some more. 

A soft voice suddenly spoke to them through a barrier of vines and ivy. 

“I am the Anxious Asp and I have spotted you three druids among the vines. What is it that you seek so deep in the woods?”

The Tree Druid answered: 

“We have come from far away, in search of leaves so that our brother the Tea Druid can make his delicious morning tea. Do you, dear Anxious Asp, possess any leaves for us to borrow?”

“I have no leaves for anyone to borrow, for the great winter king has taken them away and our earth has taken them back. You have to travel further through the woods and speak with the great Forest Druid, who lives in his treehouse in the heart of the woods.”

After a long, long walk, through branches, across rivers, down slopes…

The Druids came across a treehouse high up in the branches. As they approached, an owl called to them from high atop the trees. 

“Whooo's there, so close to the heart of the woods?”

“It is only us, the three druids. We only wish to make our tea.”

“Dost thou knoweth the password?”

With a short pause, the druids all turned to the owl and said: 

“Hibiscus is our answer owl.”

The owl upon hearing the word, flutters off and the druids continue up to the treehouse. 

As they entered, they were embraced by the warm wood, the gentle branches and the beautiful ivy that covered the cabin. 

“Where are you, great Forest Druid?” said the Tree Druid.

As the druid’s voice echoed through the cabin, a great tree moved near the wall and started speaking: 

“Welcome dear brothers. I am the Forest Druid, now transformed into a tree as I become the guardian of the woods. I know what you seek and shall you have it. For I am gifted with the blessing of always having leaves, for unlike my brothers in the woods, I do not need to shed my leaves to protect myself from the biting cold, for the winter king has promised to not bite me with its chilling teeth.” 

As the Forest Druid spoke, he moved and rustled and his dried leaves fell from his branches. The Leaf Druid picked them up as fast as they fell and filled his bag. “We now have enough leaves to last us through the winter.”

The leaf landed in the hot spring water, turning it into rainbow colours. The Druids sip their tea while listening to the rustling trees, the streaming river and the voice of the forest. 

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